Friday, 3 April 2009

Baked Shankarpali


Maida- 1 cup
Rava/Suji- 1 cup
Hot Ghee- 4 tbsp(1pali)
Sugar- 3/4 cup
Elaichi powder- 1/4 tsp


1>> Mix rava and Maida, elaichi powder.
2>> Add little water to sugar,so much that sugar just soaks in it,dont add too much.Now dissolve the sugar completely.If it dosent dissolve just heat the mixture a bit so that the sugar dissolves.
3>> Now heat ghee and add it to the rava and maida mixture.
4>> Add sugar syrup and knead the mixture to make dough.The texture should not be too soft.
5>> Keep aside for an hour.
6>> Now roll it into a chapati with thickness of around 1/2 cm or as required and cut into diamond shapes and bake it into preheated oven at 190°C for 10-15 mins.

Serves - 4
Cooking Time - 1 hr

Njoy Food..!


  1. I once had a Maharashtrian friend make this for me. I loved it, but don't make it because of the oil.
    Will try your new recipe.

    Nice website. I love cooking, so will keep visiting

  2. Hey Vamsee welcome to my blog. I hope u will like the recipes. Many of them are what we cook at home and some are taken from other sites or blogs that I like..

  3. Hi,
    Should the dough of the shankarpali be similar to the everyday roti dough that you make? Or harder or softer? Please comment. I want to make it today or tomorrow.
    Thanks a lot!